Numberplate Screws

Polytop Numberplate Screws





SEAC's Numberplate screws, or 'self tapping' Polytop screws, are popularly used in different applications, but particularly in securing vehical numberplates. The polymer is moulded onto the screw head. There is no separate cap to fix. These caps often fall off after a little while, exposing the metal head which then becomes rusty very quickly. In our short video of a carpark, we managed to find several cars with such caps fallen off giving rise to unsightly screws on the numberplates. Our Polytops one-piece, matching plastic top screws not only gives an aesthetically pleasing fixing, but also ensure no more unsightly corrosion stains.

Material: Zinc Plated Mild SteelSEAC Numberplate screws- Yellow

Colours: Black, White, Yellow & Blue

Gauge: 10

Lengths: 18mm & 24mm

Available in box of 100 per colour from SEAC (for trade) and also online

If you would like packs of 2x4 colours for trial or individual use, it is available only on FixDirect.





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