The seac story

Over the years, SEAC has developed into a leading manufacturer and supplier of specialised fastener products that answer the need for minimal maintenance, good aesthetics, durability and easy installation. SEAC has been built on the solid foundation of delivering innovative, top quality products with first class customer service.

Specialist Fasteners

POLYTOPS® polymer headed fasteners was innovated by SEAC more than 30 years ago and remains the best fastening solution for installing UPVC fascias, soffits and cladding in the building and construction industry. POLYTOPS® include fixing vehicle number plates, sign boards, furniture and portable building manufactures.

Our product range has expanded and naturally with supplying many roofing merchants and traders, we have now gone on to supplying breathable roofing membrane. WRAPTOR breathable membrane can be found at many of our stockists and is available in 3 thickness 100gsm, 120gsm and 140gsm and 2 different roll lengths, 1m and 1.5m. The WRAPTOR breathable membrane range is BBA approved.


SEAC was originally incorporated as H&S Pochin Limited in 1916 as part of the Standard Engineering Company, manufacturing fasteners and ancillary products.


SEAC patented polymer headed fasteners. Registered Polytops trademark. Made Polytops pins, nails, screws & rivets in Zinc Plated Steel for internal caravan use.


Demand for application outdoors – PVC fascia, soffit and cladding. Added A2 Stainless Steel option for corrosion resistance.


After receiving feedback about A2 Stainless Steel nail corrosion, we upgraded A2 to A4 Stainless Steel nails which passed all corrosion tests, with no complaints ever received.


Attained CE Mark EN14592 for Polytop pins (25, 30, 40mm) and nails (40, 50, 65mm). Studied alternative forms of fastener – Nano coating.