Baypole Screws

CON-SERT™ Baypole Screws

The Baypole Screws, useful for assembling bay windows, are added to enhance our range of window fixings. CON-SERT™ range consisting of baypole, concrete and multi purpose screws.

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Concrete Screws

CON-SERT’s Concrete Screws

or masonry screws within the CON-SERT range offer users the option of concrete or masonry fastening.

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Multi Purpose Screws

Hardened, yellow zinc plated, CON-SERT multi-purpose screws are designed for use on a variety of materials such as hardwood, chipboard and MDF, without the need for pre-drilling. The deep x recess head is ideally suited for power driving.

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Timber Deck Screws

CON-SERT timber deck screws have a green rust guard coating to them. This means that they are a weather resistant fastenings designed for fixing timber decking boards to joists. The deck screw has a double countersunk head to ensure a smooth, level finish to the surface.

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