CON-SERT™ Baypole Screws

The Baypole Screws, useful for assembling bay windows, are added to enhance our range of window fixings. CON-SERT™ range consisting of baypole, concrete and multi purpose screws.

What is a baypole?

For bay window you should have to have bay poles (or some kind of support like concrete pillars) for load bearing. The window frames alone are not enough as the Upvc would bow and warp.

Normally 2 bay poles are sufficient to connect a 3 sided bay. Bay pole are mostly present between the window joins. To connect the bay windows together, so they fit neatly in the bay and around the bay poles you use baypole screws. The screws are also used to connect the window sill to the window frame.

These screws come in different lengths ranging from 50mm to 90mm to suit your needs. Please see details below:

Key Feature:

  • Self Drilling
  • Head: Phillips Drive Flanged, diameter 12mm
  • Gauge: 4.8 mm
  • Length: 50, 60, 70, 80, 90 mm
  • Material: Zinc Plated Steel

Our Baypole Self Drilling screws have a tapered shaft with the thread running from the head to the tip continuously. These are popularly used because these can be screwed down to any material effortlessly, without the need to drill a pilot hole.

When screwing down into a metal sheet or UPVC surface, the screw’s chisel tip acts like a drill bit, and hence you do not need a pilot hole while driving through thin sheets of metal or plastic with this chisel tip. (It must be noted that all self-drilling screws are self-tapping, though all self-tapping screws are not self-drilling.)

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Additional Information

Gauge x Length Screw SizeBox QtyDriveMaterial
4.8mm x 50mm200Phillips Flanged 12mm diaZinc Plated Steel
4.8mm x 60mm200Phillips Flanged 12mm diaZinc Plated Steel
4.8mm x 70mm200Phillips Flanged 12mm diaZinc Plated Steel
4.8mm x 80mm100Phillips Flanged 12mm diaZinc Plated Steel
4.8mm x 90mm100Phillips Flanged 12mm diaZinc Plated Steel
Details/ SizeHead Dia. AHead Hi. HWasher Hi. hI refR refRecess Width. M refRecess Depth. QDrive SizeMajor Dia. DMinor Dia. dPitch PS1dpTorq. Kg-cmWire. Ø
M4.812.50 13.002.65 3.060.90 1.109.807.204.802.26 2.8724.62 4.803.43 3.581.605.00 5.503.85 4.0067 min.3.85 -0.02