Ideal pins for internal and external cladding with a shallow head to allow for over lapping of the cladding.

316 Marine quality

A4 Stainless Steel

How do I fit cladding and do I need cladding pins?

This is a great video that gives a simple overview of how you can fit cladding and where the 30mm cladding pins are used

A General Guide to using Cladding Pins

Once you have the battens in place the installation will be ready to accept the first cladding plank.
• Measure first cladding plank ensuring that there is the correct gap left on either end of the plank for expansion.
• Before fixing plank locate groove section of the cladding plank into the location lip of the starter trim.
• Ensure plank is straight and level using a spirit level.
• Fix plank to each batten centre using A4 30mm stainless steel cladding pins
• Ensure fixings pass through pins guideline groove as the boards are a concealed fix.
• Locate second board, ensure groove of second board covers the tongue of the first board fully as not to show the cladding pin
• Follow this procedure until you reach the top of the installation, ensuring that each board is located properly.
• Ensure the installation is checked for level every three boards.
• Measure width of last board and cut it down to size and use the off cut tongue of the board as packing material. This will be spot glued to the back of the last cladding plank and then pinned through into the top batten once located.
• Locate top cladding plank & fix through plank with cladding pins into top batten.


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Additional Information

Pin SizeBox QtyMaterial
2mm x 25mm250A4 Stainless Steel
2mm x 30mm250A4 Stainless Steel
2mm x 50mm250A4 Stainless Steel