Hardened, yellow zinc plated, CON-SERT multi-purpose screws are designed for use on a variety of materials such as hardwood, chipboard and MDF, without the need for pre-drilling. The deep x recess head is ideally suited for power driving.

The single, finely rolled thread allows multi-purpose screws to cut deeper into the material, providing greater holding strength.

These are specifically designed as a multi purpose screw with lubrication and corrosion resistant plating ensures the screw will consistently perform efficiently in hardwood, chipboard, MDF, plastic and thin sheet metal, whilst offering exceptional holding power.

Key Features:

  • Made from hardened, yellow zinc plated carbon steel + wax
  • Surface hardened – 450 to 750 HV – to prevent torque shearing under load
  • Core hardness – 300 to 450 HV – for improved ductility
  • 25° sharp point for easy insertion
  • Self drills into wood, chipboard & MDF
  • Finely rolled thread design for greater holding strength
  • 40° deep single thread to provide a secure fixing with high pull-out resistance
  • Pozi drive countersunk flat head

The advantages of a Multi Purpose Screw over a Nail

  • Mechanical Advantage; Driving in a screw takes less force over a greater period of time than hammering in a nail into the same material. This can make a building / Construction project far easier if screws are used.
  • Strength; Nails may come loose once the materials they are fixed to begins to expand or contract, over time, screws resist this problem and continue to remind firmly fixed. This makes screws a stronger fixing, so in a construction project fewer screws are required and they can be place farther apart than nails would be, thereby reducing the cost of the project and speeding up the process.
  • Resistance to Rust; This tight bond that screws have when fixed in the material helps makes them resistant to rust by preventing moisture and contaminants from coming into contact with the metal of the screw’s shaft. Even if the head of a screw begins to rust, the shaft will remain rust free and continue to grip. This helps to make screws a better long-term solution than nails or staples.
  • Removal; Nails or staples normally require a special tool to pull them loose, screws can be removed with the same tool that drove them in. Screws can also be re-used as they seldom bend during use, and quite often they can even be reinserted into the same holes while retaining the original hole strength. 
  • Ease of use; With woodworking project, screws are very easy to apply, as they have sharp tips that can penetrate the wood easily. A lot of the time you will be able to use wood screws without drilling a pilot hole. Using screws can also help you finish the project fast in comparison to nails.

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Additional Information

Gauge x Length Screw SizeBox QtyGauge x Length Screw SizeBox QtyGauge x Length Screw SizeBox QtyGauge x Length Screw SizeBox Qty
4mm x 25mm2004mm x 45mm2005mm x 25mm2005mm x 70mm200
4mm x 30mm2004mm x 50mm2005mm x 30mm2005mm x 80mm100
4mm x 35mm2004mm x 60mm2005mm x 35mm2005mm x 90mm100
4mm x 40mm 2004mm x 70mm2005mm x 40mm2005mm x 100mm100
----5mm x 50mm2006mm x 100mm100
5mm x 60mm 200
Details /SizeHead Dia. AR refa max.Major Dia. DMinor Dia. dPitch PRecess Depth. QRecess Width. M refDrive SizeRadius. r max.Torq. Kg-cm
M4.07.64 8.052.352.803.70 4.052.15 2.551.802.05 2.514.4022.0030 min.
M5.09.64 10.052.853.204.70 5.052.70 3.555.302 2.5061 min.
M6.011.57 12.053.353.605.70 6.053.30 3.702.602.99 3.556.6032.50110 min.