Hardened, yellow zinc plated, CON-SERT multi-purpose screws are designed for use on a variety of materials such as hardwood, chipboard and MDF, without the need for pre-drilling. The deep x recess head is ideally suited for power driving.

The single, finely rolled thread allows multi-purpose screws to cut deeper into the material, providing greater holding strength.

Key Features:

  • Made from hardened, yellow zinc plated steel
  • Self drills into wood, chipboard & MDF
  • Finely rolled thread for greater holding strength
  • Pozi drive head

Additional Information

Gauge x Length Screw SizeBox QtyGauge x Length Screw SizeBox QtyGauge x Length Screw SizeBox QtyGauge x Length Screw SizeBox Qty
4mm x 25mm2004mm x 45mm2005mm x 25mm2005mm x 70mm200
4mm x 30mm2004mm x 50mm2005mm x 30mm2005mm x 80mm100
4mm x 35mm2004mm x 60mm2005mm x 35mm2005mm x 90mm100
4mm x 40mm 2004mm x 70mm2005mm x 40mm2005mm x 100mm100
----5mm x 50mm2006mm x 100mm100
5mm x 60mm 200
Details /SizeHead Dia. AR refa max.Major Dia. DMinor Dia. dPitch PRecess Depth. QRecess Width. M refDrive SizeRadius. r max.Torq. Kg-cm
M4.07.64 8.052.352.803.70 4.052.15 2.551.802.05 2.514.4022.0030 min.
M5.09.64 10.052.853.204.70 5.052.70 3.555.302 2.5061 min.
M6.011.57 12.053.353.605.70 6.053.30 3.702.602.99 3.556.6032.50110 min.