SEAC’s Plastic Coloured Numberplate Screws

or ‘self tapping’ POLYTOPS® screws, are popularly used in different applications, but particularly in securing vehicle numberplates. The polymer is moulded onto the screw head. There is no separate cap to fix when applying making the POLYTOPS® Plastic Coloured Numberplate Screws a quick and simple fastener to attached the numberplate with.

In our short video of a carpark, we managed to find several cars with such caps fallen off giving rise to unsightly screws on the numberplates.

Our POLYTOPS® one-piece, matching plastic top screws not only gives an aesthetically pleasing fixing, but also ensure no more unsightly corrosion stains.

Green Numberplate Screws Now available

POLYTOPS® green Plastic Coloured Numberplate Screws for the Electric Vehicle (EV) plate.

These EV number plates have a green box down the left-hand side to signal they’re for green, zero-emission vehicles to help raise awareness of zero emission vehicles.

Why Bother?
Green number plates will help local authorities design and eventually implement new policies to the benefit of electric car driver.

Local authorities are considering a number of schemes that would benefit drivers with green number plates, including:
• Free entry to Clean Air Zones
• Cheaper parking
• Use of bus lanes

Plans have yet to be finalised, and the final say would be with the local authority so check back for updates when plans are announced.

So if you have an electric vehicle it makes sense to have a green number plate and matching screws to attach it with.

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Additional Information

MaterialColours AvailableGaugeLength
Zinc PlatedBlack, White, Yellow, Blue, Green*3mm18mm, 24mm
*The Polytops® Green numberplate screws work with the Electric Vehicle (EV) plates
Box Size
Minimum Order
1000 per type, size and colour.