Our wall plugs are made from sturdy plastic and fit into any base material – solid or hollow and are ideal for use with our CON-SERT multi-purpose screws

Available in:

  • 25mm yellow plugs with a 5mm drill diameter
  • 35mm red plugs with a 5.5mm drill diameter
  • 45mm brown plugs with a 7mm drill diameter
  • Minimum order of 2000 per box (containing 20 smaller boxes holding 100 wall plugs each), single gauge, length and colour

Our pricing for 2000 plugs give excellent value for money for anyone that uses Wall (or Rawl) plugs on a regular basis. They have a simple yellow, red and brown colour so you can easily identify why size you need for whatever fixing job you have, helping to speed up the task.


Why and how to use a wall plug?

Wall plugs are essential when you want to attach something to your walls. A normal screw will not securely stay in masonry without a wall plug. They expand to securely grip the sides of the hole you have drilled and will help to hold the multi-purpose screw in place without damaging your walls.

  • Decide where you want to fit your wall plug
  • Check for hidden pipes and electric cables using a detector
  • If the location is safe, mark the wall for where you want to drill
  • Choose the correct size of plugs and drill bits for your multi-purpose screw
  • You’ll need to drill into the wall slightly deeper than the length of the plug
  • Keep the drill square to the wall and hold it steady to avoid a wonky hole
  • The wall plug should be a tight fit within the hole
  • Lightly tap the plug to level it with the wall
  • This is now ready for you to securely screw into.

Additional Information

Wall Plug SizeBox QuantityMaterial
25mm x 5mm2000Yellow Sturdy Plastic
35mm x 5.5mm2000Red Sturdy Plastic
45mm x 7mm2000Brown Sturdy Plastic